A Steady
By Scott

I’m sorry in advance. Sorry for the eyeball experience below. The first moments of an amateur-hour journal, a series of words and sentences written by me. Of all other possible options you’ve landed here, with me trying to keep the writing flame alive. But hey! You’re awesome, welcome.

My track record for blogging is flaky at best, I prefer to tinker than express, to write code instead of human feels. In the past I’d procrastinate by tweaking the layout of my website, playing with front-end frameworks or learning new programming languages over writing actual words and publishing something. It’s time for a change-up.

This post is dedicated to the future me. A reminder to keep the narrative rolling and remember why I started ‘steady stream’ in the first place documenting thoughts, making sense of nonsense. I believe the process of writing forces the mind into a state of actual-ness, assessing, refining and filtering—Brain admin. In general though I really just need the practise.

Looking ahead, my primary measurable goal is regularity. I hope to do local brain-dumps every couple of days with a refined post published once per week. Initially I’ll discuss things closest to me; design, code, business, fitness, human being and human doing. The last two are broad but interest me most, more on these soon. I’ll keep each post to a single topic with minimum wordage where possible.

So thanks for making it this far. It probably wasn’t that bad, however it definitely wasn’t great. The whole post could have been covered in a tweet—Guy starts blog, writes first post, sounds corny, has low confidence, needs to get out more. End.

A Virtual
Of Scott


Designer and programmer
based in Brisbane—Australia.
Running a marginally successful
design studio Standing By.
Planning, designing, building.
Planning, building, designing.
Stories, products, experiences.


Tinkerer and observer,
curating images of interest
at Banana Aftertaste.
Keeping code at Github,
mirco conversations on Twitter,
photography on Instagram.


Good, sans-douche human.
Learning, absorbing, evolving.
Sleeping, eating, training.
Thinking, reflecting, writing.
Be nifty, stay nifty.

© 2016