A Virtual

Hello, I’m Scott Mackenzie, a sans-douche human with a soft spot for well designed experiences. Observing, thinking and reflecting—learning, absorbing and evolving.

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Standing By Company is a design studio founded by myself alongside good human and equally fantastico chap, Trent Barton.

Together we; Plan, design and build identities, enjoy the company of like-minded collaborators everyday, combine creative brilliance with technical know-how.


A personal manifesto—Steady Stream is the documentation of observations, experiences and moments of philosophical enlightenment.

I write to; Think better, think more, not forget things and perhaps get better at writing ;)


Boom and Leisure is an incubator project by Standing By Company, currently in private beta, expected to launch early in 2017.

Explore the world of visual art, design, architecture and fashion. Brush shoulders with global institutions and influencers—Soon.


Banana Aftertaste—Images of interest. Documenting references of personal aesthetic.

Objects, patterns, pastels, products, shapes, material, light, shade, type, design, things, etc.