Scott Mackenzie is a somewhat curious human, commonly found in a desk-based setting, planning, designing and building systems, mostly for the web 🌐. This wasn't always the plan, as it's surely not a destiny one dreams of, rather, it's become a circumstantial itch-to-scratch for a seemingly endless need to make things work, connect, or sometimes just look, better 👀. This journey has ensued for some 15+ years.

Currently, he is head potato at a marginally successful brand experience and tech company Standing By 🕘 based in Australia.

Most recently, they lead the re-imagining of web3 based venture, now called WOBL, it's an evolving concept where content and community meet utility.

It is when you gallop that your parasites are most alive - Henri Michaux. Open for ideas and chats 🍌.

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