Hello World

A quick heads up; This post is the first one, the very first run. You’ve somehow arrived here and for that you’re awesome. Things are going to be a little rough while the author works things out, but that’s the whole point of starting.

Firstly; I’m a terrible blog keeper, I suck. I’ve tried numerous times to do this thing. I prefer to learn, create and explore in my spare time. Ha, spare time. Oddly enough when I do push myself to write it feels meditative and super rewarding.
Therefore; This post is dedicated to the future me, a reminder to keep the narrative rolling and remember why I decided to start ‘Steady Stream’—To document progress and explore thoughts. A reminder that it’s not about perfection, it’s a process of articulating, refining and sharing.
Ahead; The goal is to form a pattern, capturing thoughts offline weekly with a post appearing online bi-weekly. Conservative but realistic. I have loose ideas for content but imagine things will evolve naturally.
This is the plan anyway, we shall see.