Content Pending

Firstly, why would anyone in their spongy sane mind keep a personal site in 2019? Secondly, if one had attempted and failed many times previously, why would they embark once more? Especially now? Aren't blogs for showcasing extreme knitting skills and apple strudel recipes?

I may or may not have launched a re-jigged personal site each year for the past 10 years. Since the hay-days of blogging I've tried to maintain a small sustainable piece www real estate. For me the lure (or myth) has always been value of the mind defrag. That regular writing is like cross-fit for the brain. A productive way to absorb and make sense of thought.

It turns out my vice is the prospect of being able to craft the site ever so perfectly. Finessing type, tweaking responsiveness, adjusting white-space, perfecting content flow. I'd spend weeks noodling before finally launching (often because I'm over it) only to never make a single post.

Needless to say, I've learned nothing. My brain "Brian" thought it was time for another crack. I've upped the stakes, this time using a symbolic date (my birthday) to improve any hope of keeping the commitment.

In true habitual fashion I've overcompensated on the tech behind the hypertext content before you. Posts are written in Markdown and then compiled as a React powered static site using Gatsby before being served with Netlify via continuous integration. Deal with it.

With regard to follow-up material. I have a few ideas but will mostly cover design and code related matters. Whoah, strap yourself in for maximum thrills and excitement! When I'm feeling ultra rambunctious I may share funny tale or provide a hot-take on a philosophical thunder-nugget. Thanks for reading! Check back soon.