Humans say the darndest things. An on-going collection of things said and heard.
We love to think that things are static, and nothing's static. And there's nothing sadder than someone who doesn't recognise they're not static anymore.
You can’t have a garage startup if the garage costs a million bucks
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - On San Fransisco’s disconnection. Melting from the inside. Losing its culture. Tales of Silicon Valley (Ep Hello San Francisco).
You’re assigning a degree of confidence to your lack of personal knowledge
Sean Carroll - On Bayesian Probability. Joe Rogan (Ep #1352 1:13:25).
Adults ruin everything
I call it... Nocturnal writing
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - 99% Invisible (Ep #360).
Open minded to the value of human error
First to go will be large energy demanding oganisms
Every artist, every human being has a little bit of genius in them
Brian Gazer - Something to was told by JayZ Joe Rogan (Ep #1370 30:27).
Start with the lunatic that you’re sittin’ in right now.
Duncan Trussell - Joe Rogan (Ep #1051 2:41:02).