We’ve just launched a revised logomark for SuperManual and I’m quite chuffed what it represents for our purpose and direction.

When we first conceived SuperManual the concept was a VR platform to quickly prototype immersive experiences. After building the MVP and sharing with potential users we realised the need to provide peripheral education and support as a service. This offering would compliment the platform and address current gaps between technology and market. The result—SuperManual Studio—our service arm with a mission to be ‘your guides to immersive tech’.

The revised logomark represents a doorway to creating immersive experiences using our platform and a guidebook to navigating immersive technologies with alongside our service team. Combined these can be abstractly thought of as a manual… or … SuperManual 🤓.

Lastly, the new logomark ticks all the boxes a good logomark should—versatile, functional, nifty, avatar friendly, favicon scalable, sexy in mono and in reverse knockout 👍.