After spending time abroad this month—in Los Angeles, New York and Boston—I wanted capture a few random things stuck in my mind.

Making America Fat Again 🌯

To take your children to Disneyland is surely part of any parent’s bucket-list. We spent two days in Anaheim soaking up all Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure had to offer. We had an amazing time and while the magic of Disney definitely lives on, it was the humans on display that rattled me bones a little.

The moment we entered was like being propelled into the real life set of WALL-E, where being obese, feeble and numb to reality was the new norm. It was fat America on mass. I know theme parks attract a certain demographic but this felt more confronting than the odd heavy-set folk here or there. It was everywhere you looked and it just felt wrong 🙈. What probably irked me most was the regular use of disability scooters, like using your legs had become an optional experience. Then there were the kids wheeling around their own parents, unable to walk 🤦‍♀️.

I know I sound narcissistic or over dramatic, I don’t care. Processed food, rather sugar based and fried food is winning the battle. Starbucks or Dunkin’ 🍩 anyone? And sure, this is common knowledge statistically, but seeing it myself was unnerving experience.

Supreme Hype 👌

New York was our next stop, a personal favourite alongside Tokyo.

I have an ongoing curiosity with based street brands—Bathing Ape, Comme des Garçons, Visvim, Supreme. The all develop cult-like followings that transcend the products to become a way of life. I enjoy visiting the global flagship stores where possible to learn and soak up the general vibe.

This time I checked out Supreme, which as a brand some would say the hype is on the way out, much like Bathing Ape. That may be the case but lines outside the shop, and around the block, managed security guards say something else. And when you have to wait thirty minutes to an hour to enter small 6x6m store with only barely any true brand products available (best drops are sold-out same day) you know the hype lives on.

In the end I joined the line, waited, checked out the store and bought a few caps. Was it worth, probs not 🤷‍♂️. But as someone involved in building brands for a living if have to tip my hat to the following and equity they’ve achieved.

Marathon Shout-out 🏃‍♀️

Our final city and main reason for the trip was Boston, for the marathon. Props to my partner for both participating and finishing in were the toughest conditions in the history of the race. Enduring 3ºc alongside solid wind and rain to finish with a decent time (3hrs 40min) is such a huge achievement. ✌️

Quote of the Trip 😹

As we walked by a street performer in NYC, a built dark male dressed in Egyptian themed attire, without a shirt, jiggling his pecks:

Time to get a picture with some hot chocolate you beautiful vanilla family